The ICT RDI Roadmap

The DST ICT RDI Roadmap was approved by the South African Cabinet in April 2013 as a ten year implementation plan of the National ICT R&D and Innovation Strategy, adopted in 2007. The ICT RDI Roadmap, developed in partnership between DST and the CSIR Meraka Institute, provides a coherent set of actionable plans for investment in ICT RDI.

The Roadmap is defined in terms of 6 clusters and 27 market opportunities that represent the framework for promoting implementation and monitoring the impact of ICT-related RDI investments and activities in South Africa.


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Digital Advantage will enable South Africa to become a significant player in the global ICT RDI arena, with more targeted engagement with industry, more focused international collaboration, more comprehensive and transparent monitoring of investment and achieving more impact, such as jobs and business creation, contribution to GDP, societal impact and positioning South Africa for strategic advantage.

Research Impact Pathways are used as a model to show how research flows from research and higher education institutions, through its outputs such as people, technology and expertise to make impact in society and the economy. Impact is achieved either by better strategy and policy or by directly impacting on service delivery or by improving services to citizens.

Progression Paths describe the evolution of the Interventions associated with a Market Opportunity (MO), from exploration to commercialisation. At each stage of this evolution, particular instruments are appropriate. The investment requirements in respect of each intervention are therefore driven by the application of these instruments. A range of sources of such investment is anticipated. Investment instruments could be RDI infrastructure investments, Research chairs or Human capital development (Scholarships, courses, studentships, interns, supervision, research).